pani puri

Gol gappa /pani puri Indian street food

Pani puri recipe

 Pani Puri is very popular street chat in India.Pani Puri /gol gappa is my favourite Indian street food from childhood. Here is my pani Puri /Gol Gappa recipe.

What we need

½ cup semolina (suji)
½ cup atta /wheat flour
½ Tsp salt
1/3 cup soda water
Oil for frying
How to make
Mix semolina (suji), atta /wheat flour, salt slowly add soda water make a stiff dough over with muslin cloth and rest for 20 minutes. Dived dough into 2 part roll each ball thinly and evenly and cut into the small round with cookie cutter. Cover puris with a wet cloth.
Heat oil in a pan fry puri in oil add 3-4 puri when it puffs turn and slide other puris and reduce flame high to low heat fry until golden brown. Store in the airtight box.
Tangy water
¾ cup chopped fresh coriander leaves
10-12 mint leaves
2-3 green chilli
2 lemon sized tamarind ball soaked in 1 cup water
1 pinch of asafoetida,
1 ½ Tsp black salt
½ Tsp salt
2 Tsp. roasted cumin powder
½ Tsp. black pepper powder
3 ½ cup water
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
How to make spicy water
Grind coriander, mint green chilli together with little water make a smooth paste.  Mash tamarind ball in water and strain. Add coriander paste, tamarind water, asafoetida, black salt roasted cumin powder, 3 ½ cup water, salt. black pepper powder, mix well and add lemon juice taste salt and other seasonings. And chill. Add boondi before serving.
 Filling in Puri
½ cup boiled chickpeas
1 boiled and chopped potato
¼ Tsp black salt
½ Tsp. cumin powder
½ Tsp dry mango powder
Salt to taste,
Mix all above ingredients together.
gently hit in each puri in top middle to Make a hole for stuffing.
Take a one puri fill with stuffing and dip into spicy water and eat immediately and keep in mouth for blast…...

You can use sweet chutney also see recipes tamarind-chutney .


you can buy puris ready-made and change filling to make a little healthier variation.






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