Law of attraction

# Law of attraction

Law of Attraction 

We all have positive and negative thoughts. Law of attraction has the ability to make your thoughts true. That means our life’s decisions are made by our thoughts.

There is a sayingIf you think of something to achieve entire universe shall come united with its enormous energy to fulfil it.”

The Power of Positive Thinking
The Power of Positive Thinking

Law of attraction is the biggest mystery of life and people don’t know how much it has influence in our day-to-day life. It is widespread understanding whatever you will give to the universe you will get back to your life.

Sometimes our thoughts effect on our health. If you are sick there are chances your thoughts are making an impact on your health.

Have you ever heard or read about placebo effect? The placebo effect is a fake treatment in some case which gives a real response. That works on faith.

In an experiment, a girl was given a new headache drug. After taking the drug she feels better she finds her headache immediately dissipated. Letter on she came to know she was given a sugar pill.

So, basically what worked in her case? This is the Law of Attraction working behind it.

If you want to do anything, remove all negative thoughts and bring full faith and you will get what you want. Listen what universe wants to tell you. Continuously be grateful to cosmos what you have, you will get more if you will always think about what you don’t have you will never get sufficient.

Relax mind

How to use Law of attraction

Make your mind relax. Be grateful to the cosmos for what you have. You may think about your all life problems and when you will start believing you can fix all these problems with ease, you will find the change in you and your problem will disappear as they don’t exist.

Be positive and confident because if you think about good things you will get good things; if you think bad you will receive worst.

Tell universe about your wishes and what you want, be clear about your wishes. Wishes are nothing they are our thoughts and thoughts attract the universe. Generate an image in your mind, you wish to get. Create a positive vibe around you to see the miracle. You will attract in your life so forth you have in your mind and focus. Start your day with positive thoughts to make your entire day.

Do not think about negative things or act unenthusiastic otherwise, the pain will follow you. So be optimistic and act with pure heart, all good things and happiness will come to you.

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