Healthy & tasty sandwich

Spinach sandwich

What we need

4 slice whole wheat bread

1 bunch spinach leaves

100 gm. paneer crumbled

1 onion chopped (optional)

Salt and crushed black pepper

1 tbsp. oil


How to make

Clean and chop spinach leaves don’t use stems. Heat. oil in pan, add onion and cook till onion change colour then add spinach and fry on high heat until dry, add crumbled paneer salt and pepper remove from heat and cool.

You can remove side of bread if you want.

Take one slice bread take 2 tablespoons filling spread on bread and cover with another slice of bread.

Now place into preheated and greased sandwich maker or cook in a  non-stick pan with 2 tsp. Cook butter until both sides become crisp and brown.  Cut into 2 pieces serve hot with tomato sauce.




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