Fruit Salad

Mix fruits & yogurt salad


Fruits are an excellent choice for health as they are rich in vitamins and minerals .You can  have  mix  fruits with yogurt as a snack or sometimes it can be a good choice before bed when you don’t want to eat heavy food before going to bed.

What we need

½ cup green and black grapes cut in half

1 small orange cut in small piece

1 banana sliced

1 mango cut in small cube

1 small apple cut in cube

1 tbsp. powder sugar or 1 tbsp. honey

1/3 tsp. cinnamon powder

2 cups plain yogurt

How to make

In a large mixing bowl combine yogurt, sugar or honey  and cinnamon powder and mix well now add cut fruits and mix well. Serve chilled you can sprinkle muesli or chopped almond for garnish. ∼


You can take any fruits . Don’t use sour yogurt and over-ripe fruits .

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