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  • TIPS
  • If rice gets over cooked add some ghee or oil to it and leave for few minutes. Strain and spread on a plate when rice is cool you will see all grains are separate.
  • Dissolve some camphor tablets  in a glass of water and keep near your bed. It will keep mosquitoes away.
  • To make idli more soft add 1 tsp.. methi  (fenugreek) while soaking  rice for idli and grind. Your idli will be soft.
  • To clean an electric kettle add 1 tbsp. white vinegar and leave for few minute. Rub with cloth then add a glass of water in the kettle and boil it .
  • If you accidentally burn rice, take a plate filled with cold  water and place rice pan on it.  After few minute you can scrape rice off.
  • Clean your sliver with toothpaste, it works great!
  • Wipe kitchen counter with few drop of vinegar. It will keep the counter hygienic and sparkling.
  • To keep cookies fresh, place crumpled-up tissue paper in the bottom of jar.
  • Add few grains of rice in salt  shaker to avoid moisture.
  • Rub you china cup with baking soda and lemon juice to get rid of tea coffee stain.
  • If you have too many mint leave don’t worry you can dry and make it into powder  and use for tea, pulaos, parantha  , raitas.  It stores for a long time
  • If you want to fry onion without oil, use heat non-stick pan. Place chopped onions and add salt then fry at low flame till onion is brown .
  • If you have too much chilli in your gravy add some curd or cooking cream in it.
  • To remove stains from your melamine or china ware add bleach in hot water and soak for 2-3 hour and clean .
  • Before adding curd to curries, don’t forgot  to beat the curd. Remove the masala from fire when adding the curd or milk to the masala. Stir well to mix. Return to low heat.
  • If  by mistake  gravy becomes too salty, make a few small balls of flour dough and add  in the gravy.  3-4 minute Let them remain for some time in the curry.  Remove   these balls before serving dough ball will absorb   extra salt.
  • To thicken gravies and also add flavour to the gravy, grind 1-2 tbsp of soaked cashew nuts to a fine paste. Add to the masala. 
  • Mix ½ kg of soya bean flour to 2kg wheat flour for protein rich diet making paratha .

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