Thai papaya salad

Thai papaya salad (Som tam)

What we need

1 medium raw papaya (peeled and thinly sliced or grated)IMG_3167

1 large ripe tomato

2 tbsp. grated carrot

2-3 leave cabbage

2 piece long bean

2 tbsp. ground roasted peanut


2 Red chilli soaked in warm water

2 Green chilli

3 Clove garlic minced

1/2 tbsp. tamarind pulp

2 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. soya sauce

2 tbsp. palm sugar  or dark brown sugar

Salt to taste

How to make

Prepare sauce first in a mortar (you can use the grinder) make a paste of garlic and red chilli. Take out in a mixing bowl now add tamarind pulp lemon juice ,soya sauce, sugar, salt mix till sugar is melt.

Peel and slice papaya. I  always use shredder because it’s easy when you are using shredder use large holes .

In a mortar add long bean, green chilli and grind add sliced tomato and grind lightly to blend take out in a bowl add papaya and carrot add sauce and mix well until all sauce is absorbed.

In a serving plate spread sliced cabbage first, then papaya salad sprinkle peanuts.IMG_3166

Serve immediately .salad is spicy  but you can adjust chilli as per your taste  ( Thai food is very hot)and sour with the bit of sweetness.

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