Sweet and healthy apple rabdi

Apple Rabdi(Apple pudding)

You might have heard  “An apple a day keep a doctor away” I am not sure eating an apple every day will keep the doctor away or not but it is a healthy choice. Serve apple in different way  Apple rabdi is tempting healthy easy to make delicious  Indian dessert.  It can  use  in fasting food .  Yoy can make more healthy using low-fat milk and  jaggery apple rabdi taste good without sugar too. Ok without wasting more time  lets make delicious apple rabdi my recipe is here!!!!



What we Need

4 cup milk

2 apple grated

1 pinches cinnamon or nutmeg powder

1/3 tsp. cardamom powder

2 tsp. sugar or to taste you can use the sugar substitute or grated jaggery ,

How to Make

Pour milk into a deep, heavy bottom pan, bring milk to a boil and then reduce heat and boil on low heat keep stirring and scraping the side of pan until milk reduced to half .If you are using sugar add now .
Add the grated apple and cook another 2-3 more minutes turn off heat.

Add cardamom and cinnamon or nutmeg powder I have used cinnamon because I love cinnamon and apple together.   if you are using sugar substitute add a now.Garnish with pistachios. Serve hot or cold, I like chilled apple rabdi.

Enjoy your sweet !!



Apple rabdi is healthy and tasty. If you want to make low in calorie use low-fat milk and replace sugar with sugar substitute or honey. Do not peel the apple to get fibre in your pudding.

Do not boil apple into milk long time otherwise milk may start curdling

Do not use sour apple.

Use  nuts like  almond and cashews crushed to give more richness in your  apple rabdi.

Always use a heavy bottom pan to avoid burn.

Bread pudding

Bread pudding

Bread pudding is a tasty dessert made with bread and evaporated milk.

What we need

4 slice white bread you can cut into any shape

3-4 tbsp. Ghee or unsalted butter

we need
we need

½ cup rabri

1/2 cup sugar

8-10 almond crushed

½ cup water

1 litter milk

For Rabri

 1 ½ litter milk

2 tbsp. sugar

How to make

Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan over medium heat cook till milk is reduced almost 1/3 of quantity add sugar and stir. You and add rose essence to give aroma.

Remove from fire and cool.

While cooking milk stir frequently otherwise it gets will burn.

Sugar syrup

 In a pan mix, sugar and water keep on medium flame and boil for the 3-4 minute.

Cut bread into any shape as you like brush bread both side with ghee or butter.IMG_3254


Heat a non-stick pan place bread in the heated pan and cook on low heat till both sides turn light brown and crisp.


Take a glass serving dish arrange bread slice into dish pour sugar syrup and then cover with rabri milk sprinkle some crushed almond.

Repeat the same step one more time or till you finish the bread.

Keep for 30 minutes in the refrigerator before serving.

Serve hot or cold.IMG_3260


If you want less sugar you can skip sugar syrup step.∗



Fruit Ice Cream Cake

Ice-cream cake

( Something sweet and cool)

So let’s make Something sweet cool  Ice-cream cake good for a summer dessert.Ice-cream cake is made with  mix fruits ,ice-cream and sponge cake.

What we need

8-9 digestive Marie biscuits crushed

1/2 Crushed cup sponge cake

1/2 liter vanilla ice-cream

1 cup chopped mix fruit (orange, black grape, strawberry, mango, apple)

you can use frozen berries

IMG_3244 9-10 strawberry

2 tbsp. sugar

20 gm. butter

How to make

Mix ice-cream and cream together and keep aside. In a hand blender jar put 10 strawberry ,sugar and blend do not add water . In a mixing bowl add crushed biscuits and butter mix well. Take a box with lid (I use glass box) first spread all biscuit and butter then spread a layer of beaten ice-cream and cream mixture now make a layer of chopped fruit. Then spread a layer of crushed cake and then a layer of chopped fruit and again a layer of beaten ice-cream and cream . You can make as many layers as you want . Do not repeat biscuits layer.Make sure spread top layer with cream and ice-cream mixture. Now garnish with some chopped fruits and chocolate curls or chocolate chip Cover with lid and set in freezer for 3-4 hours. Something sweet cool, Ice-cream cake is ready

Take out from freezer keep at room temperature for 5-10  minute then cut into cake slice and serve.

Something sweet cool ,Ice-cream cake

Sabudana kheer

          Sabudana  kheer {sago &milk puding}


 Sabudana kheer

What we need

1/2 cup sago

4 cup milk

4 tbsp. sugar

1/3 tsp. cardamom powder

3 chopped almond



How to make

First, wash sago 3-4 time under running water and soak in water for 1 hour.


Boil milk in the pan when it starts boiling add soaked sago and mix.

cook on low heat till sago become transparent and light adds sugar cooks one more minute.

Now add chopped almond and raisin and cardamom powder.Remove from fire.

Serve hot or chilled.


Variations tips–

when it is cold you can add chopped apple and banana.