Steamed rice cake-Vegetable idli

Vegetable idli


Idlis are very popular breakfast in India it come in the fermented food category. Idli is very healthy and easy to digest . I tried to make a healthier turns out well  so I thought to share with you can try and  give your opinion . It is good for kids lunch box.

What we need

1 cup rice

½ cup dal

8-10 seeds fenugreek seeds ( methi)

½ cup chopped vegetables like cabbage, carrot, green capsicum, onion


How to make

Clean and wash rice and dal separately add fenugreek in dal and soak in water for 4-5 hour.

Now in a grinder add dal with little water and grind till smooth and fluffy. Take out dal in a big bowl and now grind rice with water (do not add too much water) rice should  completely ground feel batter with your finger idli batter will be slightly grainy.

Now mix both batters together, add salt and mix well. Keep in warm place for 8-9 hour for fermented .It will rise and double up.

Now time to make idli add chopped vegetable in idli batter and mix slowly. Steam idli in the stand, grease the idli stand with oil and pour batter and cook for 10-15 minute if you are using in cooker it will be ready in 6 minutes.

To check idli is done or not take a clean knife or toothpick insert in idli it should come out clean.

Serve hot with coconut chutney or sambar.  you can see coconut chutney

But I like to serve vegetable idli with avial it tastes great. You will find avial recipe in next post. enjoy your breakfast.


you can make batter one day in advance and you store in the refrigerator after fermentation.


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