Fruit Ice Cream Cake

Ice-cream cake

( Something sweet and cool)

So let’s make Something sweet cool  Ice-cream cake good for a summer dessert.Ice-cream cake is made with  mix fruits ,ice-cream and sponge cake.

What we need

8-9 digestive Marie biscuits crushed

1/2 Crushed cup sponge cake

1/2 liter vanilla ice-cream

1 cup chopped mix fruit (orange, black grape, strawberry, mango, apple)

you can use frozen berries

IMG_3244 9-10 strawberry

2 tbsp. sugar

20 gm. butter

How to make

Mix ice-cream and cream together and keep aside. In a hand blender jar put 10 strawberry ,sugar and blend do not add water . In a mixing bowl add crushed biscuits and butter mix well. Take a box with lid (I use glass box) first spread all biscuit and butter then spread a layer of beaten ice-cream and cream mixture now make a layer of chopped fruit. Then spread a layer of crushed cake and then a layer of chopped fruit and again a layer of beaten ice-cream and cream . You can make as many layers as you want . Do not repeat biscuits layer.Make sure spread top layer with cream and ice-cream mixture. Now garnish with some chopped fruits and chocolate curls or chocolate chip Cover with lid and set in freezer for 3-4 hours. Something sweet cool, Ice-cream cake is ready

Take out from freezer keep at room temperature for 5-10  minute then cut into cake slice and serve.

Something sweet cool ,Ice-cream cake

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