saffron almond milk

Saffron and almond milk

Saffron milk

Saffron milk with almond is a very refreshing and netrins drink. Almond milk with saffron has rich aroma of saffron/kesar It is easy to make and need only 5-10 minutes cooking time if you make quite often you can powder almond in a grinder and keep or you can soak almond for overnight.

In this recipe, I have used rose-water you can skip if you do not like but I like rose-water as rosewater make Almond milk with saffron more refreshing ns flavourful…..

What we need

5 cup full cream milk / low fat milk

30- 35 almond soaked overnight in water,

Few strands saffron/kesar soaked in little water

2 tablespoon sugar or as per taste

2 teaspoon rosewater

¼ teaspoon cardamom powder

How to make

Peel the soaked almond. Make a smooth paste with ½ cup milk you can add more milk if you need.

Now heat remaining milk in a deep pan add almond paste stir well add saffron/kesar and sugar bring to boil and simmer for 6-7 minutes. Stir occasionally remove from heat Add cardamom powder stir then add rose-water. You can serve hot or room temperature or chilled I like to serve chilled or room temperature.

For serving pour in tall glass and garnish with chopped almond and rose petals.

Note ..If you forgot to soak saffron/kesar you can crush with the finger and add in milk.







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