Rose/Gulab lassi

Rose/Gulab lassi

lassi Gulabi  

Rose/Gulab lassi Ice cold lassi is a good refreshing drink for summer using rose gives the good taste, colour and aroma and it is a healthier option.

What we need   

2 cup fresh curd

½ cup milk   lassi pic2

7-8 tbsp. sugar or as to taste

1 cup fresh red rose (if you do not have fresh you can use dry red rose)

12   ice-cube

2 tbsp. rose-water

Pistachio chopped for garnish (optional)


How to make

In a blender add fresh curd and sugar, rose petal and blend 1 minute. Now add other ingredients (milk, rose-water, ice-cube) and blend again until it becomes smooth.and garnish with chopped pistachios and serve chilled.serve in the tall glass..

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