Jackfruit Kebab

-if you don’t want add calories, of course, you can bake instead of frying .
-If you do not want to feel ginger and cumin in your bite, you can boil with jackfruit and grind.

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stuffed grape leaf


Stuffed grape leaves Stuffed grape/vine leaves/dolmades are an amazing vegetarian appetizer very common in the middle east and surrounding.

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Appetizer Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a kind of toast with the delicious topping. My sweet daughter showed me how to make it Bruschetta is very easy to prepare

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How to make Vegetable Seekh Kabab

Vegetable Seekh Kabab Delicious Vegetable  Kebab can be made with different vegetables like potato, peas soya granules and much more.This recipe we are going to use potato and fresh corn.Vegetable Seekh Kebab can be served with chutney and lemon and onion wedges.      

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