Chilli Pickle

Chilli Pickle recipe is for those who love spice. I have used long red and green chilli which is not very hot but if you want hot you can use small green chilli.

Quick Chilli Pickle

What we need

we need

8-10 long green chilli

1/2 cup black mustard (coarsely  grounded)

2 tbsp. achar masala(saunf, mathi,black jeera)

3 tbsp. dry mango powder

1/2 tsp. white vinegar

2 tbsp. salt

How to make

chopped chilli
chopped chilli and spices

Wash and dry chilli .Grind mustard coarsely .cut chilli in small pieces as you want .Heat oil in a pan add achar masala stir add chilli mango powder ,mustard  powder ,salt and mix cook for 2-3 minute  allow to cool .Add vinegar  cool and keep in glass jar If oil is less you can add more oil as chilli need to soak in oil.

Ready to serve

It has the long self-life.

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