Mint Tea recipe

Mint Tea Recipe

Mint Tea Recipe ( 2 cups) Mint tea recipe is very refreshing tea it has lots of health benefits. In this recipe, we have used loose leaf green tea but you can use a tea bag. What we need 15 Fresh mint leaves 1  Slice lemon (optional) 1/3 Teaspoon green tea loose leaf 2 Cup […]

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Lauki and sabudana tikki

Lauki and sabudana kebab with salad

Lauki -sabudana tikki is a good recipe for fasting for me. love to serve with salad. Lauki and sabudana tikki can be served as a snack. What we need 2 potatoes medium size 1 medium size lauke/bottle gourd 2 tablespoon chopped coriander 2-3 chopped green chilli ½ teaspoon black pepper powder ¼ teaspoon cumin powder 4 tablespoon Sabudana/sago […]

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