spinach &potato

Baby potato in spinach gravy I love baby potato in spinach gravy .  baby potato in spinach gravy is modified version of aloo palak.Potato cooked with spinach is not only healthy it looks good too. What we need 8-10 baby potato or you can use potato cut in cube 2 cup boil and purred spinach 1 tsp. ginger garlic […]

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Bread pudding

Bread pudding Bread pudding is a tasty dessert made with bread and evaporated milk. What we need 4 slice white bread you can cut into any shape 3-4 tbsp. Ghee or unsalted butter ½ cup rabri 1/2 cup sugar 8-10 almond crushed ½ cup water 1 litter milk For Rabri  1 ½ litter milk 2 tbsp. sugar […]

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chopped chilli

Home made cooking paste

 We can easely make Home made cooking paste ,making masala ever day needs lots of time in cooking. You can make in bulk instead and just need to spend a few hours once a month. It’s very handy and time-saving … Ginger & Garlic paste what we need 25gm.ginger 50 gm. garlic 1/3 tsp. salt […]

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